J.V. Stalin on Tsarism and Imperialism in the Russian Empire

by aytekinkaankurtul

The Espresso Stalinist


“In fact, Tsarist Russia was the home of oppression under every form, capitalist, colonial and militarist, of oppression in the most barbarous form. The omnipotence of capital was allied there with the despotism of Tsarism, the aggressiveness of nationalism with the most ferocious oppression of non-Russian peoples, the economic exploitation of whole regions of Turkey, Persia, and China, with the military conquest of these regions by Tsarism. Lenin was quite right in saying that Tsarism was ‘feudal-militarist imperialism!’ Tsarism was the quintessence of the most negative sides of imperialism.

Again, Tsarist Russia was an immense reserve force for European imperialism, not only because it freely gave entrance to foreign capital (which held such important branches of Russian economy as fuel and metallurgy), but also because it could furnish millions of soldiers to the imperialists of the West . Thus, during the war, twelve million Russian soldiers shed their blood on…

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